Annual Meeting at Cold Spring Resort: A Family Affair

Once a year, every late fall, owners at Cold Spring gather for their annual meeting, a tradition since the resort was founded more than 30 years ago. We say “tradition” because this meeting has come to represent more than just the stipulated requirement buried somewhere in the many pages of its by laws. Anyone who has attended this rite of ownership will tell you it’s much more than just a meeting.  From the opening moments, owners gather in the Olga Packard meeting room (named after a longstanding, dedicated former Board member who recently passed) to a robust rendition of God Bless America, sung by long-standing owner, Wally Wilkinson. The Board then brings the membership up to speed on its efforts over the past year, highlighted by a presentation from the Oversight Committee, a group of owners who, twice a year, volunteer their labor to address maintenance issues (painting, spackling, cleaning and more). This small, dedicated group embody the spirit of the resort, where “neighbor helping neighbor” and friendly banter while tirelessly tidying up the resort proves infectious. After the meeting, it’s off to Lincoln, where a family-friendly dining train awaits. Owners gobble down a superb, home-cooked turkey dinner, catered by local favorite, Hart’s Turkey Farm, while taking in the sights from the large windows affording great views of passing landscape. After lunch, it’s back to the resort where horse-drawn wagon rides, a huge bonfire, barbecue (manned by resort staff), face painting and s’mores await. Certainly the signature image of the day is the 20+ foot bonfire flames shooting into the night sky, taking the edge off the late fall chill and drawing spectators close (but not too close) to its warmth. But even before the last embers dim, it’s the images of owners sharing thoughts, memories and good times that linger, proof that this group shares more than just an ownership interest in this small resort in the middle of New Hampshire. They share a love for the resort, its staff and this area they all call a home away from home. A bond best described by the word “family.”

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