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5 Year Ownership

5 Year ownership

Have you ever wanted to own a vacation week but thought you could’t afford it? Or you just didn’t want to commit to ownership for the rest of your life? What if your situation changes or you’re just not sure what the future holds? Or maybe you just want an extra unit to fit your extended family for a short period of time. 

*Well now you can own a timeshare unit for just five years and at the end of that time, sign up for another five years or just give it back with no further obligation.

Cold Spring Resort is making it easy and affordable to own a week, or weeks, with no long term (lifetime) agreement. You will get your deeded week with all the benefits of lifetime ownership including being able to trade your week for other timeshare locations, but for just five years.

Come see us at Cold Spring Resort and experience Interval Ownership Reinvented.

Interval Ownership REINVENTED

At Cold Spring Resort, we’ve come up with a new way to have you experience the joy and benefits of interval ownership without a lifetime deed. So, give ownership a try for 5 years – we’re convinced you’ll want to own longer.

Interval Ownership:

  • 5 year ownership
  • Full deeded weeks
  • Full ownership rights
  • At the end of 5 years, stay an owner or give the interval back
  • No strings attached

To learn more about 5 year ownership contact: or call (603) 536-4600