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What’s with all this Rain??

Anyone who has traveled to New England this summer would be quick to point out that it’s been unusually wet. It seems like we can’t get through a stretch of 2 or 3 days without a precipitation warning popping up on our weather apps. And if you were here during Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July, or any weekend before or between, chances are you didn’t stay completely dry. While it may seem like a unusually wet summer, it may just be the timing of the rain that’s been adding to the perception. Much of the rain has come on weekends, when parents and older kids are out of work and looking to enjoy some outdoor activities in their free time. Hiking, biking or participating in outdoor sports in the rain can be less than appealing. It’s hard be active when you’re clothing is damp. And hard to summit a mountain without the benefit of enjoying the view.

Believe it or not, New Hampshire is in the midst of a drought that started back in 2019. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, 58% of the state is in a “moderate drought” with the rest of the state deemed “abnormally dry”. While the early July rainfall certainly helps, it’ll take a lot more precipitation to make up for the dry summers and winters of the past 2 years and bring us back to normal water levels.

So while you’re mildly inconvenienced by the rain spoiling your weekend plans, know that it’s much needed for the health and wellbeing of our natural surroundings, ensuring New Hampshire’s beauty will be there for future generations to enjoy. Plus the damp weather provides you with the perfect excuse to explore New Hampshire’s many indoor activities like our many museums, theaters, stores or activity centers. Be sure to explore the Cold Spring Resort website for alternative activities or stop by the front desk for suggestions!